What To Consider When Purchasing A Fuel Pump

A fuel pump is one of the essential parts in a vehicle. It plays a key role in the car by maintaining a steady flow of fuel from the car’s tank to the engine. It, therefore, acts as the ‘heart’ of the car. It prevents the flow of the fuel into the engine when it goes bad thus affecting the performance of your car. A fuel pump needs to be fixed whenever it becomes faulty. This is done by either repairing it or by replacing it together with its related components.

How does the fuel pump work?trrfxdctuiop

A fuel pump transmits fuel from its tank to the injectors. It also helps in creating the required pressure of fuel from the fuel injectors. The pressure of the fuel varies depending on the following factors

  • The injector’s flow characteristics
  • Fuel requirements of the engine
  • The injection system of the vehicle

Drivability and emissions issues may arise in case the fuel pump is unable to meet the fuel flow and pressure requirements.

Types of the available fuel pumps

It is imperative to know the type of the fuel system before making the final decision of purchasing the fuel pump. There are two types of fuel pumps. These are the electric fuel pump and the mechanical fuel pumps.

Electrical fuel pump

This type uses the fuel injector to pump the fuel. It is electronically powered. It is also electrically controlled. It is widely used in the modern cars. It has very high fuel efficiency since the fuel is pumped under high pressure where it is completely atomized.

Mechanical fuel pump

jgfghjklcfvff;'They use a carburetor when pumping the fuel. It is the carburetor that delivers fuel to your engine. They are mainly found in the older types of cars. They are associated with low fuel efficiency since fuel is pumped at a relatively low pressure compared to the electric type. Mechanical fuel pumpare therefore purchased by those people owning older cars while the electric fuel pumps are purchased by the owners of newer car models.

A carburetor is used in creating the correct air-fuel ratio. Electric fuel pumps have played a significant role in improving the fuel pressure and efficiency.

Bosch fuel pumps

Bosch is the leading industry in the fuel injection technology. This company designed and developed its fuel pump in 1967. That fuel pump had a very high pressure.…